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REVIEW – MAXIMUM THE HORMONE – Yoshu Fukushu (Preemptive Revenge)

REVIEW – MAXIMUM THE HORMONE – Yoshu Fukushu (Preemptive Revenge)

REVIEW – MAXIMUM THE HORMONE – Yoshu Fukushu (Preemptive Revenge)

The proof to demonstrate that energy always transforms itself.

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“Possessed by rock, teenage frustrations awakened
Flashbacks even now, lost my temper
School Kills 90210
Indoor gang
Play my natural curls and stress into my Les Paul
In poverty, find hope in ferocity
Speak fighting words to my senior
Hatred will soon throb inside of me
Revenge of the weak with wounds that won’t heal!”

– Yoshu Fukushu – Preemptive Revenge – Maximum The Hormone


On July 31, 2013 was released in Japan the sixth studio album of Maximum The Hormone, a new metal, hardcore punk and experimental metal band from Hachiōji, Tokyo in Japan founded in 1998. Since then they lost 2 members in the way but they were substituted by another 2 members that constitute an essential part in the formula that gave them success around the world and we all know today, those are Uehara Futoshi (bassist) and Ryo Kawakita (guitarist).


After 6 years without releasing new material in form of an lp and 2 without new songs with that infectious sound that makes them noticeable that mix various influences from genres such as metal, punk, pop, funk and ska.


Is their first compilation to arrive to the first position of the Billboard published by weekly magazine Oricon 7 which happened a few days after the record was released in all kinds of stores.


The physical version is presented with a dvd case that opens as a manga of 156 pages which plot tells a story written by Maximum the Ryo-kun according to the order of the songs supported by proffesional artists regarding the illustrations.


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“Searching for eternal life, he came to Namek
Declaring war, bathing the populace in blood
Occupation, domination, black clouds cover the land
“You will die…

Unresisting, the people run and hide
Even those who bow to him are burnt to cinders
Genocide, armed oppression
The dictator laughs as he tramples them”

– F – Maximum The Hormone


Themes like “Maximum The Hormone” y “A.L.I.E.N.” (which has a more marked pop influence sound and makes references of science fiction movies in the lyrics) have videos created by the group for promotional purposes and “Benjo Sandal Dance (Toilet Sandal Dance)” was used in a bubble gum commercial for the trademark Stride owned by Cadbury where they demonstrate the evolution of rock while they are dressed up as cavemen. In a deluxe edition of the records it is possible to obtain a pair of the model of sandals made by it’s producer VIC with the band’s logo added on them used by Maximum the Ryo-kun himself.

The sound and vocals go to a new extreme with a mellow ballad tone at the beginning with the first composition “Yoshu Fukushu (Preemptive Revenge)”, while continuing with some sort of bizarre introduction to the third cut of this album which is very energetic establishing at the same time an ironical opposition to the theme’s plot since it is named “Utsukushiki Hitobito no Uta (Song for the Beautiful Depressed People)”.


The experimentation follows up with the theme “Unbelievable!: Swomints Hockeleiro Mifeho” where elements from jazz and funk are mixed with metal while the lyrics refer to bubble gum, and hockey.


I recommend this compilation for those who love metal and music in general by the way the sounds are arranged guiding yourselves not so much by the content of the lyrics since it’s very difficult to find accurate translations or translations at all, so the only way to understand perfectly what it’s been said in those songs is to know japanese and english since the group mixes both languages to create them constantly.


An example is the theme “F” dedicated specially to the villain of Dragon Ball Z called Freeza by talking in the lyrics about his pursue for eternal life in the anime series.


Another case is “Tsume, Tsume Tsume (Nail, Nail, Nail)” where the lyrics refer to the excesses in which anyone can fall when insisting in doing something too much to the point where the consequecence produced by this behavior is nothing but self-inflicted damage.


This is just like listening to Rammstein, because they speak in german, a language not known at all by the average latin american unless they had to learn it to substitute they’re lack of knowledge of english or ar trilingual speakers. So, most of us search for translations, but unfortunately in this case that resource is limited, which leaves you just the option to just headbang and enjoy the sound of what you are listening.


It’s not recommended for poeple that only listen bad words when they listen to a different language.


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“Turn in your card key, “Kneel down and cry!
Every day feels pervert, distorted, GO TO CHAOS

Set up the ankles, first deceive the bosom
Stomp and crush, the untouchable ovaries
Electric shock to perversions, bite, abruptly pull the string, awake a slight sense of superiority”
– Tsume Tsume Tsume – Nail, Nail, Nail – Maximum The Hormone

Track List:

1.- Yoshu Fukushu (Preemptive Revenge)
2.- Bluetiful Intro:Tsukino Bakugeki-ki (Beautifully Depressed Overture: Mind the Bombing of the Month)
3.- Utsukushiki Hitobito No Uta (Song To Beautiful Depressed People)
4.- Benjo Sandal Dance (Toilet Sandal Dance)
5.- Chu2 The Beam (8th Grader Beam)
6.- F
7.- Tsume Tsume Tsume (Nail, Nail, Nail)
8.- Rock Oreimairi~3 Chords de Omae Fullbocco~ (Rocking Retaliation: Beat the Hell out of You with 3 Chords)
9.- Unbelievable!: Swomints Hockeleiro Mifeho (Unbelievable: Mints, Hockey And Me)
10.- A.L.I.E.N
11.- My girl
12.- Mesubuta no Ketsu ni Binta Kick Mo (Bitch Ass Slapping: and Kicking]
13.- Beauty Killosseum
14.- Maximum The hormone
15.- Koino Sperm (Amorous Sperm)

Final Score: 8.5

RIYL (Recommended If You Like): Slayer, The Offspring, and Red Hot Chili Peppers mixed with a blender.

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